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Viewing cycle counts

You can view a list of cycle counts or drill-down to the details for a specific cycle count.

To view a list of cycle counts:

Select Inventory>Cycle Counts. A full list of cycle counts appears.

  • To view a specific cycle count: Double-click the record or highlight the record and select View iconView. The cycle count displays. General cycle count information is up above and a list of cycle count items is below.
    • To view individual cycle count item details, select the check box to the left of the cycle count item, and select View iconView... on the toolbar above the list of items.
  • To filter the list: If there are too many items in the list for you to see what you need, you can filter the list using the Filter and Contains fields above. More info...
  • For a description of any of the fields in this screen: See Cycle count field descriptions.

To view a combined list of cycle count items and cycle counts:

Select Inventory>Cycle Count Items List. More info...

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