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Creating cycle counts

To perform a cycle count, you must first create an inventory manager and mark it as Use as cycle count. See Using inventory managers as cycle counts for a detailed example.

To create a new cycle count:

  1. Select Inventory>Inventory Managers or Operations>Inventory Managers.
  2. Highlight an inventory manager


    Highlight an inventory manager and click View iconView in the toolbar up above. (This method allows you to see the list of items that will appear on your cycle count.)

  3. From the toolbar up above either screen,
    • select cycle countCycle Count to create one cycle count document for all of the items
    • select cycle countCycle Count by Owner to have SmartTurn sort the inventory by Owner, and then create one cycle count for each Owner. This allows you to separate your cycle counts by Owner and bill for your cycle counts appropriately

      Note: Cycle counts are limited to 1,000 inventory items. If your inventory manager reports on more than 1,000 inventory items, SmartTurn automatically creates multiple cycle counts.

  4. The Cycle Counts list view appears, with a message describing which cycle count documents have just been created.
  5. From the toolbar, select View iconView to view the cycle count or Edit iconEdit to edit the header information and begin counting the items.

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