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Creating waves of work: pick/pack

A Pick/Pack Wave allows you to optimize both your picking operations and your packing operations. It optimizes your picking operations by combining the goods to be picked from across many sales orders. It optimizes your packing operations by combining the goods to be shipped from across many sales orders.

There are three main steps to creating a Pick/Pack Wave:

  1. Plan: The planning step is where you consider your operation and your goals in using wave processing. You need to:
    • Decide what you want your waves of work to look like
    • Decide what you want your bills of lading to look like
    • Decide what you want your pick tickets to look like
  2. Configure: The configuration step is where you instruct the system based on the decisions you make during the planning step. You need to:
    • Create bill of lading templates
    • Create pick ticket templates
  3. Run: The run step is where you actually create the wave and execute it on the warehouse floor. You need to:
    • Review your pending sales orders, perhaps creating a filter for your wave
    • Create the wave, that is, select the sales orders and create the pack plan, bills of lading, and pick plan
    • Create one or more batches of pick tickets from the pick plan
    • Monitor the progress of the wave while the picking and packing are completed

In This Section

Plan: pick/pack

Configure: pick/pack

Run: pick/pack

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