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Viewing and changing a charge type

A charge type is a service or fee that you bill for.

To view or change a charge type:

  1. Select Administration>Charge Types. A list of charge types appears.

    Is the list too long? You can filter the list with the Filter and Contains fields up above. More info... You can also sort the list by any column. More info..

  2. Double-click a record to see charge type details, or highlight a record and select Edit up above.
  3. To change the charge type, change any of the fields and select OK.

    Known Issue: Changing the Charge Name of the charge type will affect both the business affiliate billing policies and any billing lines computed from those policies -- regardless of whether or not the billing lines have been finalized. However, changing the General Ledger Code does not affect either the business affiliate billing policies or any billing lines computed from those policies. This is because you can override the General Ledger Code on the level of the billing policies.

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