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Enable exports from list views

With SmartTurn, you have the option of exporting your data using .xls spreadsheets. This is helpful if you are doing additional processing of your data outside of SmartTurn. The exports from SmartTurn's list views are queued by order of request to enhance performance.

When you export your data, you will be prompted to open or save the .xls spreadsheet file. (On some systems, the .xls file may open in the browser directly. You may need to adjust your settings to open exports in a separate application.) Depending on your security settings, your browser may provide a security warning when you choose to export from a list view. If you have any concerns or questions about enabling exports in your browser, please contact your SmartTurn representative.

To enable exports by selecting SmartTurn as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer:

  1. From your browser toolbar, select Tools>Internet Options>Security.
  2. Highlight Trusted Sites.
  3. Select the Sites button.
  4. In the pop-up that appears, enter and select Add. (Note: do not enter the "http" or "https" prefix.)

    Under Websites: you should see

    Select Close in the bottom right corner.

  5. From the Tools>Internet Options>Security window, ensure that Trusted Sites remains highlighted.
  6. Under Security settings for this zone, select Custom Level....
  7. In the pop-up that appears, under Settings, scroll down to the Downloads category.

    Under the option Automatic prompting for file downloads, select Enable.

    Select OK to close the Security Settings pop-up.

  8. Select OK to close the Internet Options pop-up.

Note that SmartTurn is optimized for Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0. The steps to set up SmartTurn as a Trusted Site may be slightly different in other browsers or browser versions:

  • For Firefox on Mac, select Firefox>Options. Under Security, add
  • For Safari on Mac, select Safari>Preferences>Security. Uncheck Block pop-up windows. Note that this will allow pop-up windows from all sites, not just SmartTurn, so it may be preferable to use Firefox on Mac.

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