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Managing locations

A location is a site where you store goods. How a location is configured determines how it is used and what restrictions there are on its use.

You can view, add, and edit warehouse locations under Administration>Locations.

If you are setting up your warehouse in SmartTurn for the first time, or if your warehouse is being expanded or reorganized, you need to create location records for each new location at your warehouse. See more info about creating locations...

If you are having problems putting away or picking goods for a particular location, you may need to view and edit the location details. See more info about viewing or editing locations..

You can see the current contents of a Location, along with other details under Reports>Quantity by Location. More Info...

To learn about a particular location field, see Location field descriptions

In This Section

Creating locations

Viewing and editing locations

Viewing current usage of a location

Controlling adjustments by location

Importing location data

Location field descriptions

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