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Custom field data types

You can define the data type for each custom field you create. There are seven data types available to choose from:

  • Number: Stores numbers, and displays the specified Number of decimal places.
  • Yes/No: Stores a Yes or No value.
  • Text: Stores string values limited to 100 characters.
  • Memo: Stores long string values limited to 1,000 characters.
  • Date Time: Stores a date value.
  • Currency: Stores a currency value.
  • List: Stores an ordered list that you define. Single-select (only one item in the list is selectable).

The Number, Text, Memo, DateTime, Currency, Yes/No, and List types of custom fields can all be empty (null). For the Yes/No and List types of custom fields, the empty (null) value appears as a list option "-none selected-".

Note: If you mark the custom field as Required in your business process diagram when you create the custom field, it cannot be null, regardless of the type. The default value is based on your business process diagram. See more information at Creating a custom field.

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