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One-click check box to select all rows

The one-click check box appears on screens with editable lists. It simplifies the task of selecting all visible rows in a table, acting as a "master" check box. This master check box appears on all editable tables throughout SmartTurn. Note that for paginated tables, only the items on the current page are selected.

To select all but a few rows in a table:

  1. Click the check box at the top left, above the column of check boxes. This selects all items on this page with one click.

    Note: Items on other pages are not selected. For example, if you have 60 items in your table, and only 50 items appear on the current page, clicking the check box at the top left only selects 50.

  2. Working your way down the list, UNclick the check box next to each item you don't want to include in the transaction you are building. The removes the single line item from the mass selection.
  3. Proceed with completing the screen activities for the screen you are on.

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