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Using an activity line manager to view details for a wave of work

When you are using a wave fulfillment process, you can use an activity line manager to monitor the details for all of the lines in a wave of work at once.

To monitor all of the line items in your wave at once:

  1. Create an activity line manager. (Remember that activity lines are line items on SmartTurn documents that reflect the warehouse transaction being carried out on the document. Activity line managers allow you to sort, filter, and report on sets of these lines.)

    The activity line manager criteria should have multiple Filterings, one for each Document Type in your wave. For example:

    • for a Pick to Staging Wave, create three criteria, one each with a Document Type matching Sales Order, Pick Plan, and Pick Ticket.
    • for a Pick/Pack Wave, create five criteria, one each with a Document Type matching Sales Order, Pack Plan, Bill of Lading, Pick Plan, and Pick Ticket.
  2. View the activity line manager: From Operations>Activity Line Managers, highlight the activity line manager and select View iconView.
  3. Search for the Wave #. All of the line items across all of the documents in your wave are displayed.
  4. Continue to refine your search as needed. For example, you may search for a particular Item #, or search based on the Status of the items. You can use the quick filter or the advanced filter (see Filtering a list). If you frequently search for the same items, you can modify your activity line manager criteria to return only those items.

    Note: The Qty listed when you view an activity line manager is the amount of goods being processed on the line:

    • for pack plans, this is the Qty to Pack
    • for bills of lading, this is
      • the Qty to Pack before the item has started being picked
      • the Qty Avail to Pack as the item is being picked and delivered to the packing station
      • the Qty Packed once the item is Closed and has left the warehouse
    • for pick plans, this the Qty to Pick
    • for pick tickets, this is the Qty Picked

    See also Activity line manager field descriptions.

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