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Example pick ticket template: by equipment type

Suppose your operation uses several different types of equipment for picking different items.

In picking with different equipment, you are picking all of the required goods for many orders, but you want each picker to pick using a different type of equipment, with different capacities and capabilities. Usually you pick with different equipment types if you have some goods that can only be retrieved with some kinds of equipment, or if you have some pallet picking and some each picking.

When you have different equipment for picking different items, you need to create one pick ticket template for each kind of equipment. Then, you need to create pick tickets from your pick plan several times, once for each template / equipment type.

To create pick ticket templates for picking with different equipment:

  1. Select Wave Fulfillment>Pick Ticket Templates. Select Add item buttonAdd from the toolbar above the list. (See more details on Creating pick ticket templates.)
  2. In the Items Filtering section, select Edit iconEdit Filtering. In the Filter page, select the items that can be picked with this type of equipment. For example, if you have special equipment for your freezer, you might filter by Group matches Frozen Goods. If you have special equipment for some locations in your warehouse, you might filter by Location in range Area001 to Area009. If you have special scanning equipment or special procedures when picking serialized items, you might filter by Serial # is not empty.

    Using an Items Filtering is one key that facilitates picking based on equipment type.

  3. In the Pick Ticket Capacity section, describe the limits of this type of equipment.
    • Select a Capacity Sort to determine the order in which items should be considered as they are put onto capacity constrained pick tickets. In general, this should always match one of the Capacity Constraints.
    • Enter one or more Capacity Constraints. For each Capacity Constraint, check the checkbox to constrain based on this measurement, and then enter the maximum number. You can limit the size of your pick tickets based on Dim Wt, Cube, Eaches, Pallets, Cost, and # of Pick Ticket Lines. The most limiting capacity is enforced.

      Using a Pick Ticket Capacity is another key that facilitates picking based on equipment type.

  4. The other sections are optional when you are creating a pick ticket template for picking based on equipment type.
    • Optionally, use the Items Sort-and-Break section to logically classify your pick tickets. All fields listed in this section have a 'break on change' property: all of the items are sorted based on this field, and each time the value of this field changes, a new pick ticket is created. For example, if you want to make sure that hazardous and non-hazardous materials are never on the same pick ticket, you would add Hazardous to this section.
    • Leave the Items Sorting empty. You can have either an Items Sorting or a Capacity Sort, but not both. You added an Items Sorting above.
    • Optionally, enter the # of Pick Tickets per Wave. Leaving this field empty means that the system will create pick tickets for all of the items that are found based on your Items Filtering, above. Entering a number in this field means the system will only create that many pick tickets. You can create additional pick tickets from the pick plan, using this same pick ticket template, at a later time.
    • Optionally, enter a Pick Ticket Sorting to sort all of the lines within each pick ticket. For example, you may want to sort each pick ticked based on Location, or Item #. You can add as many sortings as you like.
  5. Select OK to save your changes.
  6. Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for each different type of equipment. Change the details of the Items Filtering and Pick Ticket Capacity sections as needed based on the type of equipment.

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