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Deleting a package

To delete a package from a bill of lading:

  1. In the Packages table, locate the package you want to delete. Packages can be deleted only be deleted if:
    • the bill of lading Status is In Progress. (See Editing bills of lading for more information.)
    • none of the packages on the bill of lading have a Status of Closed. They must all have Status of Saved, In Progress, or Ready.
    • the package being deleted is empty (has no items assigned to it).

      You can check if a package has any items assigned to it by checking the checkbox next to the package and selecting View iconView to see the package details. Or, you can examine the Pack Items table and see that this Package # is not listed.

  2. Check the checkbox next to the package you want to delete. Select Delete iconDelete.
  3. Select Save or Save and Continue Editing to save your changes.

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