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Viewing rejected picks on BOLs

Sometimes, after the goods have been picked and delivered to the packing station, the packer working on the bill of lading rejects some of the items initially picked. For example, an item may be damaged, or the Lot # may not match what was ordered.

The packer can reject the pick from the bill of lading. When this happens, the pick ticket that originally brought those goods to the packing station automatically records information about the rejected picks. You can view the rejected picks on the bill of lading and on the pick ticket.

To view the rejected picks on the bill of lading:

On the bill of lading view screen, in the Pack Items table, select the Rejected Picks view from the view drop-down.

You can see the Pick Ticket # and Line # (referring to the Full view of the Pick Ticket Items table), the Item #, the Qty Rejected, and whether or not the item was Returned to Inventory.

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