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Picking short

Sometimes you cannot pick the requested amount of an item. For example, the location may not have as many as it should. In this case, you need to pick short.

To pick short:

  1. In the Pick Ticket Items table, select Full view from the view drop-down in the table toolbar.

    You can only pick short from the Full view of the pick ticket.

  2. Locate the item you are picking in the table.
  3. Enter the Qty Picked. This is the actual amount that you are able to pick. It can be between 0 and the Qty to Pick.
  4. Check the checkbox next to the item. Select Pick Start or Pick Finish from the toolbar, depending on your picking process.

    If this pick is for a sales order that is required to ship complete, a warning message appears to alert you that you will either need to replan this line on another pick ticket or remove the sales order from the wave.

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