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Create wave: pick to staging

The second step in creating and executing a Pick to Staging Wave is to create the wave.

To create a Pick to Staging Wave:

  1. Select Wave Fulfillment>Pending Sales Orders. (You may need to review and filter the list.)
  2. Select Pick to staging from the toolbar above the list. The Create Pick to Staging Wave page appears.
  3. Optionally, select a Pick Policy.
    • This pick policy may be one of the provided policies such as FIFO or FEFO, or it may be another policy that you have created.
    • If no pick policy is selected, the pick policies from the respective sales orders are used.
  4. Enter the Destination Location. This is the forward or staging area to which all of the items should be picked. It can have any Location Type.

    Known Limitation: If inventory items in this wave have a Serial Control Mode of Open Container, the Destination Location must have a Location Type of WIP. Otherwise, the inventory items are not included. Any items not included are listed on the confirmation page.

  5. Select Create Pick Plan. A confirmation page appears. This page lists any sales order items not included in the pick plan because the inventory was not available (could not be allocated, or could not be found with the chosen pick policy).
  6. Select Accept Plan to save the pick plan for this wave of work. The pick plan displays.

    Alternatively, select Cancel to delete the pick plan.

  7. Continue by creating pick tickets.

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