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Review pending sales orders: pick to staging

The first step in creating and executing a Pick to Staging Wave is to review your pending sales orders, perhaps creating a filter for your wave.

To review pending sales orders:

  1. Select Wave Fulfillment>Pending Sales Orders. A list of all the sales orders with Status of Saved, Approved, or In Progress appears.

    All of the sales orders returned in this list will become part of your wave of work. Therefore, you may need to filter this list.

  2. Filter the list to include just those sales orders that you want in this wave of work.
    • To filter based on one field:
      • From the Filter drop-down above the list, select the field you want to filter by.
      • In the Contains field, enter the value that you want to search for.
      • Click Filter.
    • To filter based on multiple fields:
      • Select the advanced filter icon Advanced Filter icon above the list.
      • In the pop-up, check the checkbox next to each field you want to filter by.
      • For each checked field, enter the value that you want to search for. You can filter based on exact match, a range of values, or whether the field is empty or not empty.
      • Select OK to close the pop-up and apply the filter.
    • See more information on filtering a list.
  3. Continue by creating the wave.

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