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Configure: pick to staging

The configuration step is where you instruct the system based on the decisions you make during the planning step.

To configure your Pick to Staging Wave:

  1. Create pick ticket templates.
  2. Create a pick policy to use in creating each wave and in sales order fulfillment.
    • Pick policies give the system information about which inventory to allocate to your operations. Each pick policy may be one of the provided policies, such as FIFO or FEFO, or it may be another policy that you create.
      • You need one pick policy that describes how to select the goods to pick from bulk storage to your forward or staging location. You use this pick policy when you create the wave.
      • You need another pick policy that selects only goods from the staging location. You use this pick policy when you fulfill the sales orders.
    • See Working with inventory managers and Using inventory managers as pick policies.

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