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BOL Templates

A BOL template (or bill of lading template) gives the system information about both the constraints and the organization of your packing operation.

The BOL template contains information about how sales order items should be combined into a bill of lading, as well as shipping contraints, such as the item types or amounts that can be shipped together. It also contains information about how items should be combined into individual packages, as well as packing constraints, such as the item types or amounts that can be packed together.

When you create a Pick/Pack Wave, you specify the BOL template. All the generated bills of lading are created based on the sales order items in your wave and the bill of lading template you select.

In this section, you can:

In This Section

Viewing BOL templates

Creating a BOL template

Editing a BOL template

Deleting a BOL template

Using BOL templates to create BOLs

BOL template field descriptions

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