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Assigning components

You can associate specific component items and by-product items with each product item. This is helpful for visibility, for example if both your components and products are serialized: you can view which Serial #s from which component items went into making which product item with which Serial #.

You can assign components any time before you Finish Building the kit.

To assign component items to products:

  1. From the Add or Edit Kit page, check the checkbox to the left of one item from the Items to Produce table.
  2. Next, check the checkbox to the left of one or more items from the Component Items and By-Product Items tables. These should be the particular components that are being used to make the selected product, or the by-products that are created as a result of making the selected product.
  3. From the toolbar of the Items to Produce table, select assign components iconAssign Components.
  4. The screen refreshes, and the components and by-products are assigned to that product. In the Component Items and By-Product Items tables, the new columns Product Line # and Product Serial # display the line number and serial number of the product item to which that component is assigned. (If you do not see the Product Line # and Product Serial # columns, you may need to customize them onto your page.)

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