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Splitting a product or by-product item

To split an item, or split by quantity:

  1. From the Add or Edit Kit page, check the checkbox to the left of the item in the Items to Produce or By-Product Items table that you would like to split.
  2. For a basic split, select Split item iconSplit from the toolbar of the table. The screen refreshes, with the single line split into two rows. The Produced Qty SmartTurn displays in the upper of the two rows is the original Produced Qty. The application sets the Produced Qty in the lower of the two rows as zero. Key in your Produced Qty for each row.
  3. For a split by quantity, select Split item iconSplit by Qty in the toolbar of the table. The screen refreshes, with the single line split into separate rows. Each row has a Produced Qty of 1.

    Note: If you defined any custom fields, you may need to edit them here. The new (split) line has the same value for each custom field as the original line did.

  4. If your kit is for disassembly, you can also select Split item iconSplit Outbound from the toolbar of the Items to Produce table. Use this option to pick some of the item from a different location. (Remember that for a disassembly, the Items to Produce table is the items that you are picking from inventory and disassembling.)
    1. A Split Item screen appears. Confirm the Current Pick Policy. If you need to change the pick policy, check the box next to the Override Current Policy field. Then select another policy from the drop-down.
    2. Below Matching Results are the other inventory items for the same Item #, split out by license number and location.
    3. Select the check box to the left of the item you want to split between. (You may select only one item.)
    4. Select OK down below. The new line appears, with the quantity '0'.
    5. Adjust the quantities between the two lines to indicate how many of the item you want picked from each license number/location.

      Note: The newly selected inventory item is soft allocated to your kit the next time you Save the kit. Additionally, the original inventory item has its soft allocation updated, if you changed the quantity for the line, when you Save the kit.

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