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Changing the serial # of a component item

Sometimes your pick policy selects an item with a particular Serial #, but you pick an equivalent item with a different Serial #.

For example, if your component items are serialized parts all stored in the same box, you may want to build your kit using the first part you select from the box, rather than the part that your pick policy selected, as long as the two parts are otherwise the same. In this situation, you can change just the Serial # of your Component Item on the kit.

To change just the Serial # of a Component Item:

  1. On the Add or Edit Kit page, locate the item in the Component Items table that you want to change.
  2. Enter the new Serial # in the Serial # field.
  3. When you select Save, the new number you entered is saved in the Serial # field. (Note: The soft allocation for the new inventory item is not automatically updated at this time.)
  4. When you select Update Soft Allocation, Start Building, or Finish Building, the system validates your new Serial #: it confirms that the inventory item you are now selecting is available under the pick policy used to create the kit, and that the inventory item is not being used as a component on another kit. If the item is valid, the newly selected inventory item is soft allocated to your kit at this time, and the line is updated to reflect the attributes, including any custom fields, of the newly selected item.

    Note: If there are multiple inventory items with this Serial # that are available (for example, because your item master has Serial Control Mode: Simple Label), there is an error. You can use Change Item iconChange Item... from the toolbar of the Component Items table to select the desired inventory item.

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