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Uncommitting a shipment

Committed is a document status that indicates that a document has been exported from SmartTurn and sent to a third party application, such as an accounting package.

Only documents that are already in status Closed can be committed. Documents that are committed can never be edited in SmartTurn again, because a third party application is now relying on the information in that document to remain unchanged. For example, if you export a shipment to QuickBooks, marking the shipment as Committed lets SmartTurn know that QuickBooks is depending on the information in the shipment, for instance to create an invoice or to update a general ledger.

In some rare cases you may need to "uncommit" a shipment that has already been marked as committed. Use extreme caution when using this function.

Important: SmartTurn does not recommend that you uncommit your committed shipments. These shipments have been sent to a third party application; some other system is depending on the information in these shipments.

To uncommit a shipment:

  1. Select Fulfillment>View Shipments. A list of shipments appears.
  2. Highlight the shipment you want to uncommit, then select Uncommit up above. Only shipments that are already in Status Committed can be uncommitted.

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