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Naming conventions for locations

In many places in SmartTurn, information about your inventory is organized by location. You can make it easier to sort, filter, and find information about your locations by encoding information in the names of your locations.

Suppose your warehouse is organized into zones. SmartTurn does not include zone information as part of the definition of each location. However, if you include zone information in the names of your locations, you can sort and filter by zone throughout SmartTurn.

For example, suppose your primary zone is "Zone 10". You could name each location in Zone 10, "10-<location name>" when you are setting up your locations in SmartTurn. Then in reports and list views, you can sort by Location and all of the locations in Zone 10 will be grouped together. If you are using wave fulfillment processes, you can create pick tickets for each zone.

Additionally, you can create inventory managers that look just at one zone by creating a Filtering that looks at a range of locations. When you are creating inventory manager criteria, add a Filtering with Location in range "10-A" to "10-Z". This will return all of the inventory in any location that is named starting with "10-" and a capital letter. For instance, this range includes locations "10-A15", "10-B14D20", "10-E-23R64", etc., all the way through location "10-Z". For more information about ranges, see the section Text Ranges in the topic Creating inventory manager criteria.

Creating an inventory manager that looks just at one zone, or part of one zone, allows you to do your picking or your cycle counting based on warehouse zone.

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