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Undispatching sales orders

Dispatch is a term used with purchase orders and sales orders to indicate that the document has been approved or sent off.

Within SmartTurn, a purchase order or sales order that has a status of Approved means that it has been dispatched and is no longer editable, but that it hasn't yet been received (for a PO) or shipped (for an SO).

If no shipments have been created for the sales order, you can undispatch it if you need to edit the order again.

To undispatch a sales order:

  1. Select Ordering>Sales Orders. A list of sales orders appears.
  2. Highlight the sales order you want to undispatch.
  3. Select Undispatch up above. This puts the order in Status Saved, and you modify it as needed.

    Note that you can only undispatch a sales order if no shipments have been created for it.

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