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Storage document field descriptions

General Storage Document Information (In the top section of the screen)

Storage Document #

The unique identifier for the storage document. Generated by SmartTurn.

Created by

The user who created the storage document.


The status of the storage document. This is always Closed. (Once a storage document is created, the header information and items in storage cannot be edited. However, the billing section can be edited.)


The warehouse storing the goods.

Items in Storage As Of

The date the storage document was created.


The owner of the inventory items on the document (the Items in Storage).

The Code of the business affiliate is listed when viewing the storage document.

Inventory Manager

The name of the inventory manager used to create the storage document.

Billing tab

General Billing Information

The Billing Tab is only present if this document has an Owner specified in the header.

Billing Status

The status of the billing section: Saved, Closed, or Cancelled.

Total Billable Amount

The total amount to bill the Owner. The sum of the Totals of each line in the Billing Lines table.

Billing Lines table

Line #

The system generated line number for the billing line.

Charge Type

The name of the charge type.

General Ledger Code

The general ledger account number associated with the charge type.

Billing Basis

The Billing Basis answers the question: "How should the amount to bill be calculated?" The options for Billing Basis are per Document, per Line, per Unit of Measure, and ad Hoc (only used for manually added billing lines).

Computed Qty

The system's suggestion of the quantity to bill. (The Total for the line is calculated as Qty multiplied by Rate; Computed Qty has no effect on the total for the line.)


The actual amount to bill, including the unit of measure for billing lines with Billing Basis of per Unit of Measure. (The Total for the line is calculated as Qty multiplied by Rate.)


A description of what is being billed, such as you might place on an invoice. Optional.


The unit amount to charge.


The total for the line, calculated as Qty multiplied by Rate.




History tab


Date the storage document was modified


User who made the change.


The type of activity: Create, Edit, Cancelled, etc.

Items in Storage table

Line #

The system generated line number for the item in storage.

Item #

The item master number. An item master is a master record for a type of inventory item. The item master includes the item description, materials and handling specifications, sales and fulfillment specifications, and warehouse-specific information.


The description of the item # from the item master.

Lic #

The license number assigned to the item.

Lot #

The lot number assigned to the item.

Serial #

The serial number assigned to the item.


The location of the item.


The quantity of the item, displayed in the item's standard unit of measure.

Billable Qty

The quantity of the item, displayed in the item's billing unit of measure.

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