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Creating a storage document

A storage document is a record of inventory items that are owned by a particular Owner. The effect of a storage document is to save a snapshot of a subset of inventory at a given point in time.

To create storage documents:

  1. Select Inventory>Inventory Managers. A list of inventory managers appears.
  2. Highlight an inventory manager and select create storage docsCreate Storage Docs by Owner.

    The inventory manager must be marked as Use for storage documents. See Using inventory managers for creating storage documents by owner.

  3. SmartTurn sorts the inventory in your inventory manager by Owner, and creates a new storage document for each Owner.
  4. The newly created storage documents are listed in the Inventory>Storage Documents list view.

    Note: If your inventory manager returns some inventory items that are owned by one owner and other inventory items that are owned by a second owner, the create storage docsCreate Storage Docs by Owner button will create two storage documents, one for each owner.

    Note: Storage documents are limited to 1,000 inventory items. If a particular owner has more than 1,000 inventory items in this inventory manager, SmartTurn will create multiple storage documents for that owner.

  5. Additionally, newly created storage documents have their billing lines automatically computed. Note that you can still add, edit, or delete billing information as needed.

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