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Validating a kit order

After you plan a kit order, you can validate the order. Validating a kit order lets you ensure you have adequate inventory on hand to fulfill the order.

To validate a kit order:

  1. Select Kitting Manager>Kit Orders. A list of kit orders appears.
  2. Highlight the kit order you want to validate. You must have already planned the kit order. It will be in status In Progress if this is the case.
  3. Click View iconView up above. The kit order displays.
  4. Select Validate at the bottom of the page.
  5. A message appears describing how many of the Unplanned Qty of each Item to Produce can be made given the inventory on hand and the pick policy you have selected.
    • The Unplanned Qty of each Item to Produce is the Ordered Qty less the Produced Qty from any kits that have been created against this order. For example, if the Ordered Qty is 10 ea, and there is an existing kit with a Produced Qty of 2 ea, then the Unplanned Qty on the kit order is 8 ea. The Unplanned Qty of 8 ea is the amount that will be validated.
    • The Current Pick Policy is the one used to validate the order. You can check Override Current Policy and select a different one if needed.

      Known Limitation: Validating the order only checks the current inventory on hand for the components listed on the order. For example, if there is not enough of one of the component items to fulfill this order, but that component is itself is a kittable item and there is enough inventory on hand to produce the required quantity of the component, validating the order will still list the order as having insufficient inventory to complete. To work around this limitation, you can plan the order and explode the component item in question, then validate the order again.

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