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Accuracy went from 91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors...and the big labor saving have been in the office. We went from three people doing admin work to one person doing it on a part-time basis. -- Jud Harris, IT Director, AAdvantage North American, a 3rd party logistics provider, after implementing a WMS

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In the Test Drive, you will use the actual Dicentral's On-Demand Warehouse Management System to help Specializd manage their warehouse processes.

Specializd Bicycle Werks is a fictional bicycle company that leverages real inventory practices. They manufacture bicycle frames at a Los Angeles, CA facility and order components from suppliers domestically and abroad. Specializd outsources to a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics / Logistics Service Provider) the distribution of its bicycles, parts and accessories to retail bicycle shops all over the United States.






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